Welcome to Year 1

Hello everyone, I am the Year 1 teacher Mr Daly.  In Year 1 you may also meet Mrs Heffernen who helps in our class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In Year 1 children begin learning under the national curriculum and can expect a slightly more formal school day. This still includes lots of practical learning and play. In Year 1 children are taught through topics, with a new topic each half term. Some of our topics are: Grand Designs; The Magic Toyshop; Funny Bones; Where the Wild Things are; Wonderful Wylam and Animal Magic. We also go on visits to a wide variety of places, such as Northern Stage, Alnwick Gardens, Newcastle Civic Centre looking at amazing buildings and Beamish Open Air Museum.

Children can expect to learn a lot in Year 1, and hopefully have lots of fun too!