Meet the Members

Are you a parent, teacher or friend of Wylam First School? If you are reading this page, you are probably a member!  The ‘friends’ of our membership include carers, grandparents, child minders and interested members of the community.


Your PTFA Trustees are:

Steven Duckworth


Kathryn Creighton


Emma Kennard-Ritchie


Kate Lewis


Steven McCreedy


The Trustees are a team of volunteer members responsible for the running of the PTFA, liaising with school for fundraising priorities, liaising with the school and members about support and events, and managing the accounts.

Class Representatives

Your Class Reps are:

Sonia Brunton-Collins & Sarah Yates


Maggie Davie& Sam Ayton


Sarah Burn & Sib McCarthy

Year 1

Debbie Conley & Emma Bacon

Year 2

Cheryl Argent & Rachel Sweeney

Year 3

Kathryn Creighton & Kathryn Stewart

Year 4

The Class Reps are a group of volunteer members responsible for liaising with other members in each year group.  Typically communication is managed by a year group FaceBook page and chatter in the yard.