Yearly overviews

At Wylam First School we follow the White Rose Mathematics Curriculum. More information on White Rose maths can be found in the link below.
In September 2018 we moved to White Rose mathematics after collaborative working with our partnership schools with the aim of improving pupil outcomes at all phases within our partnership. We chose White Rose because of its focus on the Singapore strategies and problem solving and reasoning where children are taught to apply their skills and knowledge across a range of situations.
The Singapore strategy focuses on developing a deep understanding of mathematics through the concrete, pictorial and abstract method, using models such as the part, part, whole model to consolidate knowledge of number bonds and the bar model to support problem solving. Children are taught to use a range of strategies which rely heavily on a concrete understanding of place value.
This year we were accepted onto THE NCETM ( National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Maths) mastery CPD programme. Our KS2 teachers are leading mastery maths across the school, working with the North East Maths Hub.