Vision Aims and Values

Wylam First School Mission Statement
At Wylam First School we have the highest of expectations and aspirations for all of our learners. This is driven through our innovative and creative curriculum which supports all pupils to succeed, nurtures individual talents and is built on strong partnerships.
Our mission is to ensure that all learners are physically and emotionally intelligent and are equipped with the skills and cultural capital they need to thrive and succeed as individuals, citizens and in education and beyond. Rocketing to Success!
Our school supports pupils to be:
  • Critical and creative thinkers
  • Problem solvers
  • Enterprising
  • Resilient - building perseverance
  • Emotionally and physically intelligent
Wylam First School Ethos and Aims:
  • To provide a rich and safe environment conducive to learning where children can develop socially, academically, physically and spiritually.

  • To provide opportunities for learning within the framework of a well sequenced, creative curriculum.

  • To provide high quality learning which will allow each child to develop personally and academically to their full potential.

  • To emphasise the development of mathematics, language and reading, which are the core skills that prepare children for learning across the curriculum.

  • To provide a warm, friendly and supportive school atmosphere in which adults and children are valued, respectful, caring and considerate to others.

  • To encourage children to develop their love of learning, self-esteem, honesty, reliability and independence.