Our Reception is a 30 place Reception and is located directly next to our Nursery.

In the Reception year the focus moves from the 3 prime areas to the specific areas of learning where children begin their journey to become literate and numerate. 

At Wylam First School we very much believe that the Early Years are pivotal in children developing a love for learning so we focus on the development of the whole child with a balance of teacher led and supported activities and child led exploration. 

Our whole school curriculum intent focuses on 3 specific areas, STEM (Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering), Creative Development and Physical and Mental Well-being which is woven through the Early Years Curriculum and will be specifically planned for across the week in the learning environment.

Working in the outdoors is an important part of the Reception curriculum and the children have access to the Early Years yard, the school allotment, Community Orchard and woodland across the week.

At the end of Reception teachers make an assessment on whether each child has achieved their Early Learning Goals across the curriculum, and has reached a Good Level of Development. This is made up of the 3 prime areas of the curriculum (Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development) and the 2 specific areas (Literacy and Maths). For a child to be 'school ready' they need to achieve the expected level in each of those areas of learning.

In Reception the principals of the EYFS remain the same and learning takes place in a balance of adult directed, adult led and child initiated learning.