Physical Education

At Wylam First School, Physical Education is an important part of our curriculum. Our whole school aim is that children are physically and emotionally intelligent and we work hard to ensure that our PE curriculum not only provides pupils with the skills and knowledge to enjoy and participate in a range of sporting events, but it also encourages pupils to live healthy and active lifestyles. 
Our curriculum is inclusive so that all pupils participate and enjoy the sessions. We focus on offering a range of experiences both competitive and non competitive and work toward pupils completing the 'active 60' each and every day. 
Our PE is delivered by a range of external coaches from Newcastle United Foundation, dance and gymnastic specialists, Northumberland Cricket Board, High School Sports leaders and school staff who have been trained to deliver high quality PE.
We also have Playleaders, consisting of Y3 and Y4 pupils who support active lunchtimes through providing a range of activities across the week.