Our Nursery is run by our Nursery Room Leader and highly skilled staff and is overseen by our Early Years Leader and Assistant Headteacher.

Currently our Nursery operates on a 1:8 ratio. We offer both the 15 hours free entitlement for all 3 and 4 year olds and the 30 hour childcare for eligible parents. We also offer parents the flexibility to pay for extra sessions, above their entitlement, if they wish.

Our morning session runs from 9am to 12pm

Our 30 hours provision operates from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday.

There are 2 nursery intakes across the academic year. The first in September and the second in January.

In Nursery we primarily focus on the 3 Prime Areas of Learning and Development and the Characteristics of Effective Learning, particularly in the first term, moving on to also focus on the specific areas of Literacy and Maths in term 2 and term 3. 

Our whole school curriculum intent focuses on 3 specific areas, STEM (Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering), Creative Development and Physical and Mental Well-being which is woven through the Early Years Curriculum and will be specifically planned for across the week in the learning environment.

We are committed to providing as much outdoor learning as possible and operate a free flow approach to using the Nursery outdoor yard, hold weekly sessions in the allotment and spend time in our community orchard and woodland once a week during Welly Thursday!

Children will experience a wide range of learning opportunities and activities with a mixture of adult lead, adult supported and independent exploration. Children are carefully observed and individual plans put in place to build on their strengths and support the development of new skills. 

Parent partnerships are strong at Wylam First School. Parents are invited in for regular 'Stay and Play' sessions and workshops, are asked to contribute to the assessment and planning cycle through home school diaries and learning journals are on display for parents to look at during drop off and pick up times.