Learning outdoors

Allotment project
Over the last few years we have worked incredibly hard to create a working allotment on our school grounds. This was made possible through the fundraising of the PTA and volunteers from the local community. 
To ensure that our allotment project and outdoor learning ambition is met, we have a full curriculum in place which has cross curricular links and supports our ambition to deliver a programme of Character Education.
We also work with Wild About Adventure who help to deliver our curriculum and the Wild Passport.
Outdoor Learning
At Wylam First School, outdoor learning is an important part of our curriculum. Every class takes part in outdoor learning across the week which is embedded across the curriculum.
Eco Schools
We are part of the Eco Award for schools. We have an Eco Council in school made of pupils from across the school who are working through the 7 step process.
Step 1 - Eco- committee
Step 2 - Environmental Review
Step 3 - Action plan
Step 4 - Curriculum links
Step 5 - Informing and Involving
Step 6 - Monitoring and Evaluating 
Step 7 - Eco Code
Currently the Eco Committee is working on step 3..